Attract Bad Guys

3 Reasons Why Good Women Attract Bad Guys

Attract Bad Guys – According to licensed psychotherapist Marni Feuerman, there are three main reasons why good women attract bad men. These traits may include machiavellian tendencies, an adventurous spirit, and safety. If you are experiencing one or more of these traits, you may want to consider your dating options. But before you jump into an unhealthy relationship, make sure you understand the factors that influence your attraction to a bad guy.

An adventurous spirit

According to science, bad boys are prone to being more adventurous. These men often engage in extreme sports and hang out in dangerous parts of town. Because they are so adventurous, good women often attract these guys. The adventurous nature of these men can make them a great choice for dating if you are a woman who craves thrills. But be careful, as being adventurous will also make you vulnerable to the bad boys’ unpredictable behavior.

Attract Bad Guys
Attract Bad Guys

Bad boys are attracted to women with an adventurous spirit. It’s in their DNA to be wild and free-spirited, and they also prefer a man with such qualities. Despite the fact that good-looking men are also attractive, women still prefer bad boys because they are more exciting to be around. These men are not afraid to make a woman feel good in their company. They also possess a strong physical appearance.


Women who are scared of intimacy often choose bad boys to protect them. Their masculine attitude and tough exterior give them a sense of security and protection, and they are not afraid of conflict or expressing their opinions. However, this safety often comes with a heavy price. If you’re a woman who’s been hurt by a man, you’ve likely learned that the safety and security of your relationship is dependent on your partner’s behavior.

Another reason why women fall for bad guys is freedom. Women used to have the stereotypical role of listening to men and staying quiet. In modern times, this role still applies, but women who date a bad boy can be themselves and not feel judged. That freedom is often what women need to find themselves. However, bad boys can cause problems, including hurt feelings, addictions, and criminal records. For this reason, avoiding these men is key to finding the right woman.

Machiavellian traits

If you want to know if you’re attracted to a Machiavellian type of person, it might be helpful to understand what makes them tick. As the name suggests, they lack empathy and compassion and don’t easily trust other people. They value power and money more than people. They aren’t looking for true love, but they do appreciate control. The following are some of the traits of a Machiavellian, and what you should avoid when dating one Attract Bad Guys.

Narcissism is an excessive love of oneself, and narcissists often view themselves as superior to others. They don’t like to be criticized and enjoy competing. Machiavellianism is a type of interpersonal manipulation. They are skilled at telling people what they want to hear and ignoring what other people think. Psychopathy is an extremely selfish trait that consists of a lack of empathy and a desire to use others for their own gain.

The characteristics of a Machiavellian man are typically associated with aggression and dishonesty. Women are naturally attracted to men with these traits, but it is important to remember that pure psychopaths have no real characteristics. Psychopaths are generally found at the bottom rungs of society or in prison. These men are typically self-centered and want constant stimulation. However, this does not necessarily mean that they’re a bad guy.

Attract Bad Guys
Attract Bad Guys

To attract a Machiavellian type of man, you need to be a savvy manipulator. While the latter is a great way to attract bad men, a Machiavellian-style woman will be more attractive to bad men. A woman who exhibits these characteristics will attract many men and attract bad ones. And remember, this is only one of many reasons why women attract bad men.

Sexual compatibility

Many people wonder if sexual compatibility is the ultimate deal breaker. While there is a wide range of opinions on this topic, experts say that it can be either worked on or simply ignored. This is particularly true when it comes to relationships between sexes. This article will look at some of the factors that contribute to sexual incompatibility. If you suspect that your partner doesn’t share your sexual preferences, you should consider the options of working with a sex therapist.

While everyone has different sexual preferences, if they don’t mesh well with each other, they may end up in an uncomfortable situation. Sexual differences can be a source of conflict, leading to resentment and sexless relationships. To find out if sexual compatibility is mutual, make sure you communicate before, during, and after sex. You’ll be happier and more satisfied if you communicate your needs with your partner.

According to recent research, the minimum threshold for attracting a bad boy may be higher for women seeking only short-term relationships. Studies have also shown that women who desire long-term relationships are more likely to choose a bad boy. Although these studies do not directly address the question of why bad guys prefer good women, they do indicate the importance of physical attractiveness. Similarly, women who are at the most fertile phase of their menstrual cycles are more likely to attract a bad guy.

Attract Bad Guys