Women Over 40

3 Mistakes Women Over 40 Make When Dating

The 3 most common mistakes women over 40 make when dating are: not letting him take the lead. While older women are generally more experienced and focussed in their dating lives, they still want to keep dating exciting and fresh. These three mistakes will help you to make the most of your dating experience and avoid becoming a victim of these pitfalls. Read on to discover the best ways to approach men, and avoid these common mistakes.

Avoid saying you are looking for friends or a man who knows how to treat a woman

Men over forty can appreciate a woman who can care for her tush. This is not to say that men under 40 cannot appreciate virtues. Pettiness, selfishness, and lack of compassion are turnoffs for older men. Men start to recognize their need for caretaking as they grow older. Even the most independent of people have emotional needs, and the company of a good soul can be calming and comforting.

Women Over 40
Women Over 40

Letting the man lead

One of the biggest mistakes women make when dating men is assuming they want to have children. This is a common mistake because men in their forties are more mature and less likely to be intimidated by discussions about having children. The average American male has his first child at age 31. It’s very unlikely that the same will happen for women. A man’s intentions should be clear by the time they reach the age of 40.

While dating a woman in her forties may be more demanding, the majority of them are still looking for a relationship. Even though 70% of people over 40 are looking for a relationship, the focus of these relationships may be different. Moreover, men in their forties tend to approach dating more intensely than women in their forties. Dates might feel like interviews, instead of romance. In such situations, men should let their woman take the lead and let her follow.

Avoiding group photos

When it comes to online dating, avoid sending women group photos. Group photos give the impression that you are insecure and uncomfortable in your own skin. Men are visual creatures and don’t like women who have to use the cheerleader effect to appear more attractive. Using more than one or two group photos is a sign of insecurity and will probably result in an automatic left swipe. Instead, send only individual photos of yourself.

Women Over 40
Women Over 40

Avoiding apologizing

You may have heard the term “apologizing” and wonder if it’s worth the effort. While the social norm is to apologize after making a mistake, it is actually counterproductive. Not only does it sour the mood of the other person, it reinforces the social norm and alienates the other person. To avoid this, here are some tips to avoid apologizing when dating women over 40:

Men shouldn’t over-complicate the apology, as women can easily smell a fake one. Make your apology direct and simple, but in a way that shows caution. Don’t drag it out, as this will drive your girl crazy and ultimately push you out of the relationship. Instead, try asking her what she wants or needs. If she doesn’t reply to these questions, try to find out what she needs.

Women Over 40